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Unveiling the 2023 Fertility Benefits Survey: Insights for UK Finance Sector Employers


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2023 Fertility Benefits Survey

Private equity insights on fertility survey findings – explore the intersection of finance and family planning in this eye-opening report.

In the ever-evolving realm of talent acquisition, companies are constantly enhancing their employee benefits packages to stay ahead of the competition. A significant trend has emerged, shining a spotlight on fertility benefits as a crucial factor in attracting top talent. Recent surveys, such as one conducted by The Harris Poll for Fortune, indicate that nearly 45% of workers view fertility benefits as indispensable when assessing job opportunities. This shift underscores the growing importance of fertility benefits in recruitment and emphasises their role in retaining talent.

Our latest study, the 2023 Fertility Benefits Survey in the UK finance industry by Carnegie Consulting, delves into this landscape. By gathering data directly from our partner organisations, this survey offers a thorough analysis with profound implications for companies vying for talent in finance and private equity sectors. 

As the job market transforms, grasping the intricacies of employer-provided fertility benefits becomes crucial. From covering initial consultations to reimbursing for IVF treatments, fertility benefit programs vary widely and can lead to varying out-of-pocket expenses for employees. 

Our latest survey explores how businesses are adapting to meet the escalating demand for fertility benefits, providing insights into strategies for navigating this intricate field. 

The 2023 Fertility Survey findings within the finance sector highlight a notable transformation: fertility benefits are now viewed as indispensable assets in attracting top-tier professionals, rather than mere luxuries. By partnering with finance and private equity firms, our survey provides a comprehensive overview of this shifting landscape, offering valuable insights for both employers and employees.

We invite you to explore the detailed analysis presented in the 2023 Fertility Benefits Report to gain a deeper comprehension of how organisations are leveraging these benefits to attract elite talent within the UK finance industry. Anticipate significant revelations regarding the evolving strategies that are shaping the future of talent acquisition in finance.