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The World’s Fastest Accountant, Eugene Amo-Dadzie teams with Top London Accounting & Finance Recruitment Firm, Carnegie Consulting.


We are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Eugene Amo-Dadzie, the “World’s Fastest Accountant,” to Inspire Excellence.

“London, 14th August – Carnegie Consulting, a leading Private Equity & Finance Sector recruitment firm, renowned for connecting top talent with exceptional opportunities, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Eugene Amo-Dadzie, the remarkable chartered accountant who has redefined the boundaries of athleticism.

Eugene Amo-Dadzie may appear to lead an ordinary life as a devoted husband, father, and diligent chartered accountant in London. However, beyond his professional and family roles, Amo-Dadzie’s story takes a breathtaking turn – he is one of the fastest men on the planet, clocking 9.93 seconds for the 100m earlier this year in Graz, Austria.

In a career trajectory that defies convention, Amo-Dadzie’s journey to sprinting excellence stands as a testament to his determination. Commencing his rigorous training at the age of 26, he seamlessly balances his burgeoning athletics career with his demanding role as a full-time accountant.

Reflecting on his astonishing rise in the sport, Amo-Dadzie shares, “There’s an element of my story that might seem impossible. Yet, with dedication and support, I’ve managed to accomplish what many thought unlikely.”

Although a promising sprinter in his school days, Amo-Dadzie put this aside to pursue a career as a qualified chartered accountant, Amo-Dadzie occasionally deployed his speed during recreational football games, all the while ruminating on missed opportunities.

A pivotal moment arrived while strolling past a London athletics track.  Pausing to watch, Amo-Dadzie confronted the question of why he had not taken sprinting seriously.  This prompted a transformative decision, catalysing and his emerging status as  “The World’s Fastest Accountant”.

Under the guidance of sprint coach Steve Fudge since 2020, Amo-Dadzie prioritises the journey over predefined times.  His progress has been remarkable, from a personal best of 10.55 seconds in 2019, he subsequently lowering it to 10.5 seconds in 2022, and has now run an electrifying 9.93 run in June this year, which places him as the 10th fastest man in European history..

2023 is a year marked by breakthroughs, Amo-Dadzie earned his first international vest in March, and despite Amo-Dadzie’s exceptional talent achievements and undeniable potential, this athlete stands unfunded.  Upon hearing the remarkable story Guy Steel founder of Carnegie Consulting felt compelled to act.

Carnegie Consulting’s partnership with Amo-Dadzie reflects shared values of determination, excellence, and family.  As he sets his sights on competing in the World Athletic Championships in Budapest this August and the Paris Olympics next year, Amo-Dadzie’s journey embodies the power of potential realised.

Guy Steel, CEO of Carnegie Consulting, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are honoured to partner with Eugene Amo-Dadzie, a remarkable individual whose story resonates with our commitment to nurturing exceptional talent. His journey reminds us that determination and talent knows no bounds and is worthy of support.”

Eugene stated: ‘I’m delighted to be partnering with Carnegie Consulting. At the heart of

their businesses a belief that their people are their greatest asset and I am grateful for their belief in me. Their support has come at the perfect time and will act as a

springboard as I gear up to compete at the 2023 World Athletics Championships and

pursue qualification for the 2024 Paris Olympics.’

About Carnegie Consulting: Carnegie Consulting is a renowned London based recruitment firm dedicated to connecting top-tier professionals with dynamic opportunities across specific sectors.  With a commitment to care & excellence, Carnegie Consulting empowers organisations and individuals to achieve their optimal potential. About Eugene Amo-Dadzie: Eugene Amo-Dadzie, hailed as the “World’s Fastest Accountant,” is an inspirational athlete who balances his remarkable sprinting career with his role as a dedicated chartered accountant. His journey underscores the importance of determination and the pursuit of excellence”

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