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Today I am celebrating my 15th (work) Wedding Anniversary.


Today I am celebrating my 15th Wedding Anniversary.

Not to my wife (6 years), but, my professional “love”, Carnegie Consulting.

Yes, there have been shorter prison sentences. And there have been tough times.

The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and the Covid pandemic of 2020 spring to mind!

As do the long hours. The juggling of cashflow. The sleepless nights.

But this period of my life has been one I’m very proud of. And I’m full of gratitude too.

Grateful to my current wonderful team, and, those employees who have come and gone, along with mentors of the past.

Your contribution in not lost on me.

Grateful to our clients who have supported us all the way.

Big shout out personally to Nicola Robertson, Karen BarnettRichard Berke, all at Polar Capital

And more recently Andrew Bray and Molly Dean

Grateful to all our suppliers we partner with, who have supported us and played a key part in keeping us afloat on this voyage, including the incredible ⭐️Ruella Crouch

To quote Andrew Carnegie (inspiration for the name!):

“Coming together is a beginning . Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.