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Has WFH made us less reasonable when it comes to availability for VC meetings or calls?


A trend I’ve been noticing for a while now is an expectation that others will be available at short notice, because they are working from home.

I’ve noticed this with people looking to arrange conversations with me and I’ve especially noticed it with companies looking to arrange interviews.

It’s not uncommon at the moment to get interview requests for times within 24 – 48 hours and in the middle of the Morning or Afternoon. Followed by disapproval if the person can’t bend to the schedule.

Pre COVID this would never happen. There was an understanding that attending interviews wasn’t easy for busy professionals and there was flexibility (mostly).

Yes, people are working from home and yes, it is easier to find an hour to do a VC than find 2 – 3 to attend a face to face interview. People still have busy diaries though. Also, people like time to prepare! They don’t want to be rushed into what could be a pivotal conversation.

Here’s hoping this trend doesn’t continue when we are back to arranging face to face meetings and people are needing to escape their offices to attend them!