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Accelerating Purpose Event


Accelerating Purpose

Embracing Purpose and Passion in the Professional Sphere

In the historic setting of The Army & Navy Club, Carnegie Consulting hosted an event in January that can only be described as a convergence of extraordinary tales and inspirational journeys. “Accelerating Purpose,” led by Fahrah Gulamhusein, a renowned purpose coach, brought together a cadre of professionals who embody the essence of purpose-driven success. HR specialists and professionals from various fields were among the audience, absorbing the intreiging narratives and insights shared.

Eugene Amo-Dadzie: ‘The World’s Fastest Accountant’

Eugene Amo-Dadzie’s story is a compelling illustration of unexpected talent blossoming into greatness. Labelled as the “world’s fastest accountant,” Eugene’s journey into athletics began only four years ago. Now, he has etched his name in the core of British athletics, clocking a remarkable 9.93 seconds in the 100m, a time that ranks him among the UK’s all-time fastest. Eugene’s story is a testament to late-starters everywhere, proving that it’s never too late to discover and nurture a hidden talent. Despite his remarkable achievements in athletics, Eugene continues to work full-time as a chartered accountant, is a dedicated father and husband, a man of unquestionable values; demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to both his professional, personal and athletic pursuits. Eugene refers to The Parable of Talents as one of his inspirations “In the parable one man buries what he is given, I feel it is my duty to push whatever..”

Fahrah Gulamhusein: A Visionary in Purpose Coaching

Fahrah Gulamhusein, the orchestrator of this enlightening event, stands as a beacon of purposeful leadership. With two decades of experience in professional services and a deep understanding of the dynamics of purpose in the workplace, Fahrah is the founder of Coaching On Purpose Ltd. Her work revolves around helping leaders and organisations strengthen their sense of purpose, which in turn, leads to more human-centric work experiences, better engagement and productivity. Her approach is grounded in the philosophy that individual purpose must align with team and organisational goals to achieve true fulfilment and success.

Deji Akande: An Exemplar of Resilience and Dedication

Deji Akande, the founder and CEO of Gateway Sport, shared his inspiring journey from working at Amazon to establishing a successful business that nurtures sporting talent. Deji’s narrative is one of resilience, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of pursuing one’s passion alongside a demanding professional career. His experience underlines the importance of determination and hard work in achieving entrepreneurial success.

Carnegie Consulting: A Firm that Embodies Purpose

Carnegie Consulting, under the leadership of Guy Steel, stands as an embodiment of the event’s core theme. This respected recruitment firm demonstrates how businesses can drive success by aligning with personal and professional purposes. Guy’s personal story and commitment to supporting both businesses and individual purposes underscore the impact that purposeful leadership can have in the corporate world.

Integrating Insights on Motivation and Purpose

The event incorporated key insights from Daniel Pink’s work on motivation, highlighting how purpose, rather than monetary incentives, can be a more effective driver in tasks requiring cognitive effort. This perspective challenges traditional notions of motivation in the professional sphere and opens up new avenues for fostering employee engagement and productivity.

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The Power of Inspired Work: Insights from Bain Consultancy

Drawing from Bain Consultancy’s study on employee productivity: 
– Satisfied people at work produce at 100%
– Engaged people at work produce 144%
– Inspired people at work produce 225%

Underscoring the significant difference in output between satisfied, engaged, and inspired employees. This study reveals the transformative power of an inspired workforce, indicating that purpose and inspiration could lead to productivity
doubling (compared to just having satisfied people!). Also are engagement surveys worth it and do they focus on the wrong things:

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From Purpose to Impact: Authentic Leadership

 A Harvard Business Review article, “From Purpose to Impact,” emphasises the importance of integrating an individual’s unique purpose into their leadership capabilities. This approach to authentic leadership is vital for creating impact and resonates with Fahrah’s emphasis on aligning personal, team, and organisational purposes.

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A New Era of Purpose-Driven Professionalism

The “Accelerating Purpose” event presented a new paradigm in professional excellence, where purpose, passion, and perseverance converge. It served as an eye-opener for the attending HR specialists and professionals, demonstrating the profound impact that purpose-driven leadership and individual passion can have in shaping successful careers and businesses.

In an era where traditional motivators are being re-evaluated, this event stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of professional motivation and success, where purpose and passion reign supreme.