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2024 Recruitment Trends

Carnegie Consulting 2024 Recruitment Trends

In the face of recent global challenges, a ray of optimism brightens the horizon for the hiring landscape in 2024. According to Google research, a substantial 39% of hiring leaders are gearing up to boost their financial commitment to hiring endeavors this year. Furthermore, a promising 70% of surveyed U.S. job seekers express confidence, ranging from somewhat to very confident, in their ability to secure new job opportunities.

As the global economy rebounds and industries embark on a journey of reconstruction, businesses are gearing up for expansion, triggering a surge in demand for skilled professionals. This encouraging scenario is mirrored in the increasing job opportunities emerging across diverse sectors, fostering a favorable environment for individuals on the lookout for new career prospects.

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2022 Christmas Cards

This Christmas, instead of buying Christmas cards to send to our colleagues and friends, we have decided to make a difference in the lives of children who are seriously unwell.

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