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Social Media – a great tool if you get your presence RIGHT


Whilst social media has proven to be a hugely successful ‘tool’ for networking/looking for jobs/preparing for the interview etc., it is also commonly used by employers when selecting candidates for interview. That’s why it is so important to get your ‘social presence’ correct. 

Statistics show that circa 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates (up by 10%) – and interestingly, 40% of prospective employers say that if they cannot see any social presence online, they would be less likely to consider that candidate. Social media gives potential employers an easily accessible tool to view your personal qualities and interests. With that in mind, ensure you showcase yourself in a really positive way – it is great to be able to gain an insight of someone’s life outside work, interests, family etc. as long as the pictures you share are appropriate. Alongside the picture element, the absolute no-no’s are any posts which could be perceived as being discriminatory – religion, race, gender, age etc.

Spring clean from time to time:

Linked in – profile picture – a professional recent picture is best. Also ensure your linked in details match your cv – and are up to date.

Facebook – again important not to have an inappropriate profile picture or cover photo. Also check your privacy settings as Facebook tends not be a platform more dedicated to your social life. You also have less control over what people post to your page or tag you in. It is sensible to restrict access to this type of content. 

Twitter – such an easy tool to ‘rant’  – again a future employer may look through feeds and will not take too kindly to anything that is in anyway offensive.  Best advice is to archive your feeds.

Instagram – the perfect place to share your pictures so again, if you would rather only friends saw ensure settings are set to private.

Social media is great if used appropriately and it can attract employers. However, it can also repel them! Make sure yours is the best it can be so that it is working for you instead of against you.