Securing a Top Operations Manager for a London-Based Firm

Executive Summary: Carnegie Consulting successfully addressed a unique recruitment challenge for a privately-owned global investment company in London. This case study showcases our tailored approach to finding a high-caliber Operations Manager, focusing on cultural fit and adaptability within the firm’s expanding operations.

Introduction: Tasked with recruiting an Operations Manager for a growing global investment company headquartered in London, Carnegie Consulting faced the challenge of crafting a detailed job specification that balanced the firm’s immediate needs and future aspirations. The role, offering a six-figure salary, required a dynamic individual capable of handling diverse responsibilities including HR, Operations, EA, Events Management, ESG, Hiring, and Office Management.

Opportunity: The client required someone who could “roll up their sleeves” and adapt quickly, despite the position demanding skills typically associated with a COO level. This discrepancy between the role’s expectations and the budget presented a significant recruitment challenge.

Solution: To address this, we developed a nuanced job specification that highlighted the unique aspects of the role and the firm’s culture. We conducted intensive discussions with candidates to assess their ambitions and suitability, focusing on those who demonstrated a proactive attitude and a genuine “can-do” spirit. Our recruitment strategy included exclusive contingent hiring, allowing us to ensure that each candidate presented was a perfect cultural fit and truly understood the role’s scope and requirements.

Execution: The process involved a thorough vetting of potential candidates from both local and national markets, emphasizing not just their technical skills but their adaptability and alignment with the firm’s values. This was supplemented by an informal dinner with the team, which allowed for deeper interaction and alignment of expectations.

Findings and Benefits: Our strategic approach allowed us to go beyond conventional recruitment methods. By focusing on cultural fit and personal motivation rather than just technical skills, we helped the client navigate their first significant hire of this kind, setting a precedent for future recruitment.

Result: The recruitment process culminated in the successful placement of an Operations Manager who was not only capable of meeting the diverse needs of the role but was also a natural fit within the team. The candidate accepted the offer, appreciative of the clarity and detail provided throughout the process, which was instrumental in their decision to join the firm.

Conclusion: This case study exemplifies Carnegie Consulting’s expertise in adapting to complex recruitment needs and our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that align closely with our clients’ strategic goals. By understanding the nuances of the role and the importance of cultural fit, we were able to successfully place a candidate who could contribute significantly to the client’s growth and success.