Strategic Recruitment for a Pioneering Fund Strategy in London's Private Credit Sector

Executive Summary: Carnegie Consulting successfully navigated a complex recruitment challenge for a prominent Private Credit business in central London. This case study delves into the strategic recruitment of a crucial role, underlining our adaptability and precise approach in sourcing a candidate for a newly developed fund strategy.

Introduction: Tasked with sourcing a candidate for a novel fund structure within a leading Private Credit business, Carnegie Consulting leveraged its expertise as a key recruitment provider. The role required a candidate not only experienced in fund finance but also adept at adapting to innovative financial strategies.

Opportunity: The client was introducing a new type of fund strategy, necessitating a candidate with specific experience. This posed a unique challenge as the role was critical for the client’s strategic development, and required a candidate who could seamlessly integrate into the evolving business dynamics.

Solution: A bespoke recruitment strategy was crafted, focusing on candidates with specialized experience in similar fund structures. Intensive networking and targeted advertising were employed to attract the right talent. Additionally, detailed interview preparations ensured candidates were well-versed in the client’s new strategy and broader company objectives.

Execution: The recruitment process involved a week of intense networking and discussions with potential candidates to understand their career aspirations and fit for the role. This was coupled with strategic advertising that highlighted the unique aspects of the fund structure and the career opportunity it presented.

Findings and Benefits: Our thorough understanding of both the client’s requirements and the candidate market was instrumental. The preparation enabled candidates to showcase relevant passion and rapport-building skills during interviews, which was pivotal given the role’s strategic importance.

Result: The preferred candidate demonstrated exceptional adaptability and alignment with the strategic goals of the Private Credit business during the interview process. After overcoming initial hesitations, the candidate accepted the offer, reflecting both parties’ satisfaction with the match.

Conclusion: This case exemplifies Carnegie Consulting’s capacity to handle sophisticated recruitment needs tailored to specialised finance sectors. Our strategic approach and deep market insights ensure that we not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations in sourcing talent that is pivotal for their growth and innovation.