Strategic Recruitment in Private Equity: Securing a Key HR Manager for London's Market

Executive Summary: This case study explores Carnegie Consulting’s successful placement of an HR Manager in a leading Private Equity firm in London. Despite challenges related to confidentiality breaches by a previous firm, Carnegie utilized its extensive network and strategic insight to fulfill the client’s complex needs.

Introduction: The client, a prominent Private Equity firm based in the US with a growing London office, sought to make its first non-US tax hire. The role was pivotal, requiring a candidate who not only had comprehensive tax knowledge and M&A advisory skills but also fit the firm’s culture and was open to embracing the challenges of an evolving business landscape.

Challenge: The client needed someone who could integrate seamlessly into their team, managing both tax compliance and strategic M&A responsibilities. The search was complicated by the need for discretion and a specific cultural fit, compounded by a previous firm’s indiscretion which made the market sensitive.

Solution: Leveraging a deep understanding of the financial services talent pool, Carnegie Consulting conducted a discreet yet effective search. We engaged candidates from various backgrounds, focusing on those who demonstrated both the necessary technical skills and the personality traits to thrive in a high-stakes environment.

Execution: The process involved rigorous screening and personalized interviews to assess candidates’ capabilities and their potential for long-term success within the firm. Our approach was consultative, involving regular and open communication with both the client and candidates to ensure alignment of expectations and fit.

Results: The placement was successfully completed within the desired timeframe, with the candidate expressing satisfaction with the role’s scope and the firm’s vision. The client appreciated Carnegie’s ability to navigate a delicate market situation and valued the consultative partnership that led to hiring a candidate who exceeded their expectations.

Conclusion: This case underscores Carnegie Consulting’s expertise in handling sensitive recruitment operations and our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that align closely with our clients’ strategic goals. Our approach not only filled the immediate hiring need but also set the stage for a sustainable, successful employment relationship.