Strategic Recruitment of a VP-Level Property & Casualty Treaty Broker for a Global Reinsurance Broker in Minneapolis

Executive Summary: Carnegie Consulting successfully facilitated the strategic recruitment of a VP-level Property & Casualty Treaty Broker for a Minneapolis-based global reinsurance broker. This case study highlights our innovative recruitment strategies that overcame the challenges of a limited local talent pool and competitive market pressures.

Introduction: Our client, a US-headquartered global reinsurance broker, needed to expand their Minneapolis team by adding a seasoned Property & Casualty Treaty Broker at the VP level. The role was critical for supporting ongoing business growth and the development of new market strategies.

Opportunity: The local talent pool for this niche role was small and already tapped by the competition. Our client required a fresh approach to sourcing candidates that could bring a new perspective to their operations and help drive forward their new fund strategies.

Solution: Carnegie Consulting devised a dual-focused recruitment strategy. First, we targeted Property & Casualty Brokers within Minneapolis who, while inexperienced in reinsurance, showed potential and willingness to learn. Secondly, we identified reinsurance brokers from other US cities with personal ties to Minneapolis or flexibility to relocate, enhancing the likelihood of a good fit.

Execution: The search extended nationally, requiring diligent communication and networking to engage suitable candidates. Each candidate underwent thorough interview preparation to align their expectations and motivations with the client’s objectives, ensuring a mutual fit.

Findings and Benefit: Our proactive approach not only diversified the candidate pool but also ensured that candidates were well-prepared and genuinely interested in the role. This preparation was key in navigating salary negotiations and managing multiple candidate processes simultaneously.

Result: After an 8-week search, we successfully placed a candidate who originally moved from Minneapolis to New York City but wanted to return home after starting a family. The candidate accepted an excellent offer, complete with a relocation package, making the move back to Minneapolis.

Conclusion: This case study exemplifies Carnegie Consulting’s ability to adapt and innovate in challenging recruitment scenarios. By understanding the client’s unique needs and the candidate’s personal and professional motivations, we were able to overcome substantial obstacles and secure the right talent for our client.