Bridging Continents: Carnegie Consulting's Strategic Recruitment for a Luxury Hotel's Finance Director in Iceland

Executive Summary: In 2024, Carnegie Consulting faced the unique challenge of recruiting a Finance Director role for a prestigious luxury hotel based in Reykjavík, Iceland. This case study explores how our targeted approach and deep understanding of the hospitality sector enabled us to successfully place a highly qualified candidate within a tight timeframe, despite geographical and industry-specific hurdles.

Introduction: The client, a renowned entity in the hospitality industry, required a Finance Director capable of steering their financial operations amidst Iceland’s evolving economic landscape. Without suitable internal talent to promote and facing niche requirements including a willingness to relocate, they turned to Carnegie Consulting for a specialized recruitment solution.

Challenge: The primary challenge was the location and specific expertise required. The role demanded not only profound financial acumen but also a readiness to embrace life in Iceland—a daunting prospect for many potential candidates. Furthermore, the client needed this position filled swiftly to keep pace with their strategic financial planning.

Solution: Leveraging our extensive network and expertise in the hospitality sector, Carnegie Consulting implemented a contingency recruitment plan. This approach minimized risk for the client and allowed for rapid mobilization. We engaged with our broad international talent pool, emphasizing the unique opportunity to work in a stunning locale while contributing to a flagship hospitality brand.

Execution: Over six weeks, we collaborated closely with the client’s local management team in Iceland to refine the candidate profile and ensure alignment with their corporate culture and strategic goals. Our dynamic recruitment strategy involved targeted headhunting and comprehensive screening processes to identify candidates who not only matched the technical qualifications but were also enthusiastic about the prospect of living and working in Iceland.

Results: The search culminated in the successful placement of a candidate who was not just fit for the role technically but was also prepared to relocate and integrate into the Icelandic culture. This placement was completed within the ambitious six-week timeline, significantly enhancing the client’s leadership team and ensuring continuity in their financial strategy.

Conclusion: This case study underscores Carnegie Consulting’s capability to navigate complex, cross-border recruitment challenges in the finance sector of the hospitality industry. It highlights our commitment to understanding the unique needs of our clients and our ability to swiftly deliver tailored solutions.