Ethical Practices Drive Sustainable Recruitment Solutions

Our mission is that every placement we make will have a positive impact.

Carnegie was established in 2006 as a boutique specialist buy side recruitment firm.

Since our inception, we have been committed to helping companies find top talent and individuals achieve their career goals. At Carnegie Consulting, we believe that responsibility is a key value in building successful partnerships and achieving sustainable growth. We understand that as a recruitment firm, we have a responsibility not only to our clients and candidates but also to society and the environment.

Through our dedication to responsible business practices, we strive to create positive impacts and contribute to a better world. We aim to foster a culture of integrity, respect, and transparency in everything we do. This includes ethical sourcing of candidates, promoting diversity and inclusion, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting community initiatives.

We invite you to learn more about our approach to responsibility.

Climate Positive Workforce

Last year’s COP summits made it apparent that we cannot rely on governments alone and we really need to all businesses to step up and take a leading role in tackling climate change. Reassuringly, 96% of businesses feel increasing pressure to become more sustainable. Of course, it is easier said than done, but with a little effort, the rewards for business are plentiful.

We understand the importance of protecting our planet and taking responsibility for our carbon footprint. As a part of our commitment to responsible business practices, we have implemented sustainability practices throughout our operations, including reducing energy consumption and waste, promoting the use of public transport, and encouraging remote work to minimise the need for commuting.

We recognise that our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint may not be enough, which is why we have partnered with Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions. Ecologi is a platform that supports climate projects that reduce or remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere, such as reforestation, renewable energy, and carbon capture.

Through our partnership with Ecologi, we are not only offsetting our carbon emissions but also supporting climate projects that create positive environmental and social impacts. Our contributions to these projects are verified and tracked through the platform, and we receive regular updates on the progress and impact of our support.

By embedding sustainability practices and partnering with Ecologi, we are taking a proactive approach to protecting our planet and reducing our impact on the environment. We encourage our clients, candidates, and stakeholders to join us in this effort by supporting sustainable practices and taking responsibility for their own carbon footprint. Together, we can create a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

Building Sustainable, Inclusive and Diverse Businesses: Carnegie Consulting's Commitment to Responsible Investment and Employment Practices

We approach recruitment from a consulting angle, not a sales one. A huge amount of our work is either repeat business or referrals from happy clients. Our business continues to grow organically as a result. It is important to us that we add genuine value, always putting the needs of clients and candidates ahead.

Over time we have expanded our capabilities in terms of the markets and market areas that we specialise in. We continue to look for ways to diversify in a way that suits our existing capabilities and provides and even better service for our clients. Something that will never change is our values.  

At Carnegie Consulting, responsibility is at the core of our values. As a leading recruitment firm, we strive to create businesses that are more sustainable, secure, and inclusive. We are dedicated to enhancing diversity efforts across all underrepresented groups in specialist sectors, as we understand that a diverse and equitable culture leads to better growth, productivity, and innovation, securing more value for all stakeholders.

We believe that an inclusive culture is essential to building a diverse business. That is why we aim to create an environment where all our people can thrive, and we seek out diversity of background, experience, ideas, and opinions when hiring based on our culture and values.

We continuously evaluate our progress and actively carry out surveys and research, creating valuable data providing us with authentic insight into areas needing improvement and focus.  Although we have made significant strides, we know that there is still more work to be done. Join us in our commitment to responsible investment and employment practices, and together, we can create a better future for all.

Recruitment inclusion and diversity statement
Carbon Offsetting

 Join us in our Carbon Reduction Journey


Together we are stronger, that is why we are inviting you to join us in collective action. Please click on this link and select from a personal or business plan with Ecologi.  

If you signs up, Ecologi will plant 30 extra trees as a thank you.

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Projects we support

Women benefitting from project they are leading in the Kakamega rainforest
Restoring the last fragment of tropical rainforest in Kenya
Earthworks had been completed in Golmi, Senegal
Earthworks have been completed in Golmi, Senegal
Community Projects
Planting forest gardens in Tanzania